Comcare Early Intervention Service Pilot Outcomes
Over the past year, Injurynet partnered with Comcare and three Australian Public Sector agencies to deliver an early intervention service pilot program. All results from the pilot were independently evaluated by Deloittes and have recently been published by Comcare.

The Aims for the Early Intervention Service Pilot were:

To test whether the delivery of a structured and independent early intervention services provided:

  • early access to treatment support services
  • self-management where clinically appropriate
  • enhanced ability, and support to recover at and return to work

The Program was implemented by:

This pilot program implemented our 24/7 nurse triage and injury management service for employees who sustained an injury/illness at work or developed symptoms that impacted their ability to work, regardless of the cause.

The program included direct access to physiotherapy and psychology services in addition to medical services with our network of practitioners around Australia.

It focused on delivering services to employees immediately as soon as they were injured or ill at work.

The Key Findings for the Early Intervention Service Pilot were:

The pilot results demonstrated significant improvements to recovery at and return to work and a positive cost-benefit for employers. Other results include:

  • 93% of the participants triaged to GP’s were certified fit for work
  • Participants had less time off work to recover compared to the control group
  • 2X the recovery rate compared to the control group
  • 93-97% of employees with physical injury and 85% of employees with a psychological injury managed their condition using only the services provided under the pilot.

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