Interested in joining our network?

When you partner with Injurynet you are partnering with an organisation that has dedicated two decades to developing the largest national, independent, managed and accountable medical and allied health practitioner network of its kind for the effective treatment of workplace injuries and illnesses.

Our extensive national coverage across more than 2,900+ locations with 6,500+ practitioners (doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists) means we can provide a practitioner who is specially trained and experienced in workplace injuries and illnesses across all metropolitan and regional centres in Australia.

What sets us apart from other practitioner networks?

Our Network by Numbers


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Why Use Our Network


Our extensive national coverage means we don’t need to recruit practitioners at the last minute to match your geographic footprint.


Being an independent, managed and accountable practitioner network allows us to access the best and closest practitioner to meet your needs, whether that is for medical assessments, injury management or advice.


Your employees get access to practitioners who are engaged and have opted in to our network. They have been chosen for their willingness to provide prompt access, their strong communication skills, understanding of the workplaces and commitment to recovery at and return to work.

Willing and experienced in occupational medicine

Your employees are treated by practitioners who are selected on the basis of their interest and willingness to focus on injured employees’ capacity, with particular emphasis on recovery at work.

Trained and educated

Injurynet has a dedicated network team who are constantly recruiting, training, educating and monitoring our network to ensure that the network is meeting the needs of our clients.

Adherence to service standards

Practitioners and clinics treating your employees are held accountable with our documented service standards which they must abide by. All medical and allied health practitioners engaged by Injurynet to provide services are registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency, duly qualified and have the relevant experience and skills to undertake the services.