Injury management treatment by a medical expert

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Helping you minimise the impact of workplace injury and illness and improve productivity

Injury management and return to work programs

Timely access

Prompt access the right practitioner in the right location at the right time...everytime

Australia’s largest practitioner network for work-related medical services

Comprehensive network

Australia’s largest practitioner network for work-related medical services, with over 6500 doctors & physios in more than 2500 locations nationally

Injury management medical assessments by early intervention telemedicine

Equity of access

Ensuring every employee has equal access to the most appropriate and timely medical advice and treatment

Medical Assessments & Services

Assessments and services to help identify, assess and manage risk impacting the health of your workforce. More

Early Injury Management Programs

InitialCARE - 24/7 telephonic nurse triage support and advice as soon as a workplace injury occurs with prompt access to medical and allied health appointments. More

Medical Advisory Services

Risk identification and assessment, policy formulation and specialised advisory programs to manage health in the workplace. More