Health monitoring for Crystalline Silica

Companies whose employees are exposed to Crystalline Silica in the workplace are required to monitor their workers’ respiratory health for signs of damage or decline. Requirements vary by state and territory, so it can be confusing to know what you need to do to comply. No matter where you are in Australia, Injurynet offers an end to end health monitoring medical service to assist your organisation to manage both the potential health effects for your workers and compliance requirements for every jurisdiction.

Our comprehensive service includes:

  1. Pre-employment medical assessment or initial testing to establish a baseline.
  2. Ongoing testing and assessments at regular intervals throughout the employee’s time with the organisation (timing to be determined by risk and jurisdiction requirements)
  3. Exit medical assessment at the cessation of employment, to confirm the employee’s health status at departure.

We are available to help you assess the exposure risks present in your workplace and design and deliver a compliant health monitoring program that gives you and your employees peace of mind that their health is being protected.

Our comprehensive service focuses on early detection and can include:

  1. Design of the program using a risk-based approach with your occupational health and safety representatives
  2. Stakeholder education – this may include providing information or giving toolbox talks to workers to explain the process and allay any concerns
  3. Coordination of Medical Assessment at either clinics convenient to the workplace or at the workplace itself
  4. Medical Assessment includes an examination by a medical practitioner, exposure history, respiratory questionnaire, spirometry (lung function) test and an ILO chest x-ray with dual-read
  5. Review of all information by an experienced occupational doctor
  6. Follow up of any abnormal results, arranging additional tests and providing advice and counselling to each employee about their results
  7. Summary report for each employee
  8. Reporting about the program and its outcomes.

For more information about this topic, download our Fact Sheet.


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