Health Surveillance and Health Monitoring

Health surveillance or monitoring of employees is a regulatory requirement for employers in situations where an employee may be exposed to certain hazardous substances in the course of performing their required duties. 

What is required is periodic monitoring of employees to determine whether working these substances or performing high-risk activities is having a negative effect on their health. 

This can involve medical examination, medical imaging, pathology and other types of testing (such as audiometry or spirometry), or a combination of these depending on the type of hazard/s involved. 

Injurynet offers an end-to-end health monitoring medical services for every Australian jurisdiction to assist your organisation to manage the potential health effects for your workers and your compliance requirements.

Our services cover a range of workplace hazards including:

Injurynet can provide testing and health surveillance for all hazardous substances listed under Schedule 14 of the model WHS Regulations, as well as other substances that are not listed but may be of concern to employers.

Our network of doctors, clinics and mobile services

Injurynet provides expert guidance and advice through the complexity of health survelliance.

We provide our network medical practitioners with the relevant forms and questionnaires before they see your workers.

Importantly, we can facilitate on-site testing that potentially reduces the costs of health monitoring.

Our medically-led approach

Injurynet’s medically led approach to health surveillance ensures a compliant service that fulfils your obligations and provides peace of mind for your employees. All examination reports and testing results are reviewed by our Clinical Review Team, providing additional quality control and clinical governance.

We keep abreast of changes to legislation, regulations, related guidelines and reporting requirements, as well as any relevant developments in medical research and technologies, to ensure the service we provide is always compliant and aligned to industry best practice. 

Our network of clinics and affiliated services are equipped to provide:

Our Network

Our extensive national coverage across more than 2,900 locations  means that we have a clinic across all metropolitan and regional locations in Australia

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