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Injurynet Supports Mentally Healthy Workplaces
Build healthier workplaces with Injurynet's wide range of mental health and wellbeing services for employers and employees.

With the current climate of change and uncertainty, your employees may be experiencing more stress, anxiety, worries and other emotions than ever before and their mental health and wellbeing may be impacting your workplace.

Our mental health and wellbeing services assist your business to improve company morale, enhance relationships, reduce absenteeism and increase productivity in the workplace.

Injurynet's mental health and wellbeing services provide strong benefits for your business

Build Morale

Reduce Absenteeism

Improve Productivity

Our Mental Heath and Wellbeing Services

Support for the employee

For your employees that are struggling to cope, we offer early medical and psychological support.  All services are conveniently available via telehealth or in a clinic.

Our 24/7 nurse triage phone service assists employees to understand the support they need whether it is help to self-manage, an appointment with a network doctor or a network psychologist, or to access emergency services.

Our network of doctors and psychologists are available to support employees when things are getting too much.  They provide evidence-based interventions for a range of mental health and wellbeing concerns.

Our Employee Assistance Program is available for confidential support with a psychologist or social worker to discuss work-related or personal concerns.

Support for the employer

We understand that it is just as important for the employer to have access to support for their employees with mental health and wellbeing concerns in the workplace.  For this reason, we have specifically tailored services to support employers and to increase morale, enhance relationships, reduce absenteeism and improve productivity.  These services include:

Our Medical Advisory Services provides medical support and guidance to workplaces to navigate and manage mental health at work.

Our Medical Advisory Case Management services provided by our Senior Injury Management and Medical Advisors offers tailored advice and support for workplaces to manage employees with complex psychological health and wellbeing issues.

Our Fitness for Duty services provides a large network of occupational physicians and psychiatrists who can assess an employee with a complex psychological condition to determine their fitness for work, risks and the supports they need in the workplace

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