Online Pre-Employment Medical Assessments Reaching Far and Wide
A significant proportion of Australia’s workforce is based in regional or rural areas throughout the country. These areas often suffer from a low volume of medical clinics and doctors capable and willing to perform the relevant pre-employment medical assessments required to determine their fitness for employment.

Consequently, candidates applying for job roles in these areas often have to travel long distances to attend their pre-employment assessment, and their appointments can be difficult to arrange within specific requested timeframes. Understandably, this can deter potentially suitable applicants from proceeding with a company’s recruitment process, leading to potential loss of valuable additions to their workforce.

A quality online pre-employment medical assessment enables candidates living in regional or rural areas, where there is often a small number of medical clinics available, to complete their assessments in a simple and timely manner, without needing to travel long distances to attend face-to-face appointments.

Apart from the obvious cost savings, organisations receive more detailed and comprehensive data regarding their candidates’ commonly reported health issues, covering more variables than was previously possible. This augmented reporting capacity is useful in tailoring workplace healthcare programs for their employees and narrow down the number of candidates requiring face-to-face assessments.

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