Telehealth Services
COVID-19 is a global health threat impacting 198 countries (at the time of writing) and triggering the World Health Organisation to declare a global pandemic. It is rapidly changing the nature of business and the way Injurynet currently offers medical solutions for our business partners. We aim to support the extraordinary measures our government, businesses and community are taking to limit the spread of COVID-19 and offer online or virtual medical and allied health services to support businesses during this time.

Our online and telehealth solutions offer an alternative to our face to face medical, physiotherapy and psychology services. All services are available now and endeavour to help your organisation to continue to manage your health and safety requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Key advantages of our online solutions:

  • 1
    Access Our Network
    Access to our network of doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists from anywhere (at work or home).
  • 2
    Eliminate Travel
    Eliminates the need to travel to or attend a medical clinic.
  • 3
    Safety & Ease
    Safe and easy access to medical assessments and injury management services.

Our online medical assessment solutions:

  • 1
    Our online pre-employment medical assessment, provides a comprehensive medical history. It is reviewed by our clinical review team and risk ratings are applied. This is a cost-effective service with fast turnaround times.
  • 2
    Telehealth Medical Assessments
    Assessments with one of our doctors or our telehealth functional assessments with one of our physiotherapists. These assessments can use your paperwork and any items that require testing that is not able to be performed online (such as spirometry, audiometry and drug and alcohol testing) can be organised at a later date.
  • 3
    A combination of our online pre-employment medical assessment, AccuRATE, and a telehealth medical or functional assessment can also be used.

Our online early intervention and injury management solutions:

  • 1
    A 24/7 nurse triage phone service to support your employees who are injured or ill at work.
  • 2
    Telehealth appointments with one of our doctors, physiotherapists or psychologists. Our clinicians can see, diagnose and treat injured or ill workers without the need for an in-person consultation.
Injurynet offers an end to end health monitoring service for the medical management of Asbestos. This end to end of Asbestos. This end to end medical management service includes a tailored approach to managing the potential health effects of Asbestos following a potential exposure or incident, as well as supporting an employee who has been diagnosed with an Asbestos-related condition.
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