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Australia's fastest, most advanced and cost effective online alternative to traditional clinic based pre-employment medical assessment has arrived.

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AccuRATE is Injurynet's online pre-employment medical assessment using clinically developed proprietary software and algorithms, designed by leading Occupational Doctors and Physiotherapists, to obtain a high quality medical history in order to make an informed, risk-based hiring decision.

Up to

60% cost saving

on traditional clinic based Pre-Employment Medical Assessments

Fast, accurate and timely results with

24hr turnaround

from candidate completion

Medical oversight, evaluation and application of risk rating applied to

100% of assessments

makes hiring decisions simple


3% of candidates

require additional clinic based testing to determine their fitness for a role

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Other Benefits

  • Easily accessible to candidates in remote/rural areas where there are few medical clinics.
  • Dedicated branded client portal and auto -generated reminders.
  • Minimises disruption to managers and HR departments.
  • Medical assessors contact the candidate or their treating healthcare practitioner to complete any missing history.
  • Clinical review team documents potential risks and is available to discuss complex cases.
  • Provides comprehensive data enabling more targeted workplace healthcare programs.
  • Environmentally friendly with a 95% reduction in paper usages.

Additional Examination

If a physical examination is required, we can seamlessly coordinate a face-to-face medical examination via our national practitioner network - Australia's largest of its kind - with over 6,500 doctors, physiotherapists and psychologists in more then 2,500 metro and regional locations.