Audiometric testing is an important element of medical assessments and ongoing health monitoring, particularly for employees who may be exposed to occupational noise in the course of their work. Sudden, loud and constant noise can damage an employee’s hearing resulting in hearing loss or tinnitus (ringing in the ear).

For employees experiencing regular exposure to loud noise, we would generally recommend that audiometry is done as part of a pre-employment medical assessment or on commencement with the organisation to provide a baseline assessment. Regular audiometric testing should then be done at least every 2 years to identify whether any deterioration in hearing function is taking place.

Audiometric testing is straightforward and non-invasive. The participant is given a pair of headphones to wear which will play a series of tones at varying frequencies. The participant is simply required to press a button to confirm whether they have heard the sound.

The testing can be done onsite at a workplace for larger groups or at clinics for smaller numbers or irregular cases. Testing is done according to the Australian/New Zealand Standard (AS/NZS 1269.4:2014). Results are provided to employees and the employer. 

Over time, audiometry tests are compared to previous and baseline levels to determine if there has been deterioration. Where an employee’s testing results indicate they may have some hearing loss or damage, Injurynet can provide a referral for a full audiology assessment.

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