Wesfarmers InjuryCARE Program –
A Quick Guide to your Doctor Referral

Injurynet Doctor Referrals

An appointment has been arranged for you with an Injurynet Doctor. 

There are some great benefits to seeing an Injurynet Doctor and using the Wesfarmers InjuryCARE Program: 

  • You won’t be out of pocket  – Wesfarmers will pay for up to the first 4 doctor visits and the first 4 physiotherapy sessions with an Injurynet practitioner for a work related injury
  • Wesfarmers will also pay for an x-ray and/or ultrasound referred by an Injurynet doctor (radiology clinic to send invoice to GTC.WA@wesfarmers.com.au)
  • You won’t have to figure it  all out on  your own – Injurynet practitioners are familiar with managing work-related injuries and the communication/paperwork required 
  • You’ll get objective, independent medical input about your work related injury and recovery 
  • Subsequent appointments are arranged by the employee directly with the medical and physiotherapy clinics
Injurynet Physiotherapy Referrals

If your doctor recommends you see a physiotherapist for your injury, please ask the doctor for the following:

  • Contact details of the local Injurynet physiotherapists or call Injurynet on 1300 307 418
  • A copy of the Injurynet physiotherapy referral form

When making an appointment with an Injurynet physiotherapist:

  • Inform the clinic you are attending under the Injurynet Program.
  • Take the physiotherapy referral to your first appointment.

Please speak with your manager or call Injurynet on 1300 307 418.

You always have the right to choose your treating practitioners and submit a WorkCover claim.

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