Pre-Employment Medical Assessments (PEM) are risk assessment tools that support recruitment decisions by assessing an individual's ability to safely perform the inherent requirements of a specified job.

InjuryNET independently assesses and applies an innovative 'risk rating' to Pre-Employment Medicals. The risk rating indicates the likelihood of a prospective employee incurring or aggravating an injury in a specified job.

Musculoskeletal Functional Assessments are designed to give an indication of a workers’ general strength, function and overall level of conditioning. They may also assist in identifying musculoskeletal conditions previously unknown or disclosed.

Types of assessments

Online PEM

A web-based applicant health assessment questionnaire with medical examinations only conducted when a medical risk is identified. InjuryNET's proprietary online PEMs are a cost-effective solution for large employers with high staff turnover.

Fit/Unfit Examinations

A simple guide regarding a job applicant's fitness to perform the inherent requirements of a job.

Risk-Rated Examinations

A risk-rated assessment of capacity and more comprehensive detail on the risks to be considered and mitigated.

Musculoskeletal Functional Assessments

A thorough musculoskeletal assessment conducted by a physiotherapist to confirm a job applicant's capacity for performing the work required in a particular position.


  • Multiple types of PEMs to suit recruitment requirements
  • Flexible approach to PEM content and process allows for a service that meets the recruitment needs of the individual organisation


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