Injurynet currently delivers 3 key rapid antigen testing services:

  1. “Train the tester” – We can train your staff to administer the tests under the supervision of our doctors and nurses. We provide advice on the policies and procedures required to safely deliver these tests 
  2. Onsite testing at your location 
  3. Drive-through testing is now available in Sydney

What is Rapid Antigen Testing?

Rapid Antigen Testing is a straightforward and relatively inexpensive COVID-19 test that provides results in around 15 – 20 minutes. It is less invasive than other testing methods, requiring a simple nasal and/or throat swab. 

As a lower cost testing option, Rapid Antigen Testing is expected to become a more widespread requirement across a number of industries in Australia.

Why implement rapid testing in your workplace?

  • Protect your business against the impacts caused by an outbreak 
  • Comply with government regulations for your industry 
  • Improve confidence across your workplace through a regular testing regimen

Rapid Antigen Testing is designed to screen asymptomatic people for the virus. It is not a diagnostic test and does not replace PCR testing, which offers greater precision. It can be a useful screening tool to prevent or limit outbreaks in workplaces, particularly in high density and high risk settings. 

It should be used in conjunction with other preventative measures such as physical distancing, mask wearing and hand hygiene. Any employee displaying possible symptoms of COVID-19 should undergo a PCR test and self-isolate. 

Under Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration guidelines, Rapid Antigen Testing can only be administered by trained healthcare practitioners (such as doctors, nurses, paramedics) or by trained staff under their supervision.

Services in more detail:

“Train the tester”

Injurynet will run online training and supervision of testing staff providing certificates of competence demonstrating the compliance required by the TGA, NSW Health and other state governments. 

We provide medical management and support to your self-delivered Rapid Antigen Testing program by our experienced in-house medical advisors and nurses. 

We also provide advice on the types and quality of Rapid Antigen Tests currently available.

Onsite testing at your location

We can deliver an onsite Rapid Antigen Testing program, with nasal or throat swabs collected by suitably qualified health professionals wearing appropriate PPE.

Drive-through testing

In Sydney, we can facilitate a drive-through testing program, allowing your employees to be tested on their way into work.

Rapid Antigen Testing is evolving in Australia, with changes in government requirements and workplace expectations.

Talk with us for the latest additions to our services and how we can support testing for your workplace.