COVID-19: The Way Forward for your Business

With COVID-19 and its challenges likely to be with us for the foreseeable future, the focus for employers becomes managing and minimising the risks in our workplaces.

Injurynet can provide medical support and advice to businesses that are managing COVID-19 risks, exposures and cases to:

  • Ensure you fulfil your duty of care towards employees and customers
  • Support a safe and healthy workplace
  • Help your business to continue to operate.


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COVID-19 Support for your Organisation

Injurynet can aid your business to manage and minimise the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace through a range of health services.

Our services do not replace government managed testing and vaccination programs and are not intended to eliminate the need for recommended pandemic safety measures such as mask wearing, physical distancing and hand hygiene. Rather, they are complementary approaches that may help you to avoid outbreaks in the workplace and support you to operate as closely as possible to normal levels.

Our COVID-19 Support Services

All of Injurynet’s COVID-19 Support Services are focused on providing up to date, quality and consistent clinical information and advice based on the current COVID-19 government guidelines and health and safety legislation.

COVID-19 Vaccine Information Webinars

Injurynet offers webinar sessions for your employees to provide information on COVID-19 vaccinations. Presented by Dr Paul Van Buynder, a public health specialist with extensive expertise in infectious diseases and immunisation, the webinars provide factual information and Q&A on the available COVID-19 vaccines and their possible side effects and can help to address team members’ concerns.

Vaccine Exemptions

Injurynet’s in-house medical advisors are available to review cases for employees claiming vaccine exemptions, including discussion with the team member’s treating practitioner/s and determining whether the case meets the criteria for exemption.

Rapid Antigen Testing Programs and Support

Rapid testing technology can help at-risk organisations to detect asymptomatic COVID-19 cases among employees and avoid major outbreaks. More information on how we can help you implement a Rapid Antigen Testing program is available here

COVID-19 Medical Advisory & Case Management Services

Injurynet’s COVID-19 medical advisory service is provided by our in-house medical advisors and is focused on providing employers with tailored medical support to manage and protect workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our case management service offers advice and support for workplaces to manage complex cases, including those with a high-risk medical condition, COVID-19 exposure or illness.

Contact Tracing Support

Our medical advisors can support organisations to navigate and manage the policies and processes associated with identifying and informing close contacts

COVID-19 High-Risk Medical Assessments

Using telehealth, our network of medical practitioners can assess an employee with a high -risk medical condition to determine their risks and the supports they need in the workplace.

COVID-19 Nurse Triage Services

Our 24/7 nurse triage phone service supports and helps employees with COVID-19, flu or respiratory symptoms to navigate and access the services that they need. Our nurses are specifically trained and experienced in COVID-19 clinical assessment and are able to provide reassurance and advice about self-management, self-isolation, referral for COVID-19 testing and/or recommend a medical appointment.

COVID-19 Early Intervention Clinical Services

Our early intervention clinical services provide support for those employees struggling to cope and requiring early intervention medical, psychology and mental health services. We offer both face to face or telehealth appointments with our network doctors or network psychologists. These services help employees to manage their health and wellbeing during this time.

For more information about our COVID-19 Planning for Recovery Services