COVID-19: Plan for the Recovery of Your Business

Protecting the health and safety of employees will best position your business to adapt to the “new normal” bought about from COVID-19. Injurynet provides medical support and advice to businesses that are managing COVID-19 risks, exposures and cases to:

  • Help communities stay safe and healthy
  • Support and reassure employers and employees, and to
  • Help businesses continue to operate.


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Injurynet COVID-19 Recovery Services Support the Health and Safety of Your Business

Prepare, manage and protect your business

Medical advice and support for preparing, managing and protecting your business.

Manage employees with symptoms or illness

Triage services to assist employees with COVID-19 exposures, illnesses or respiratory tract symptoms to navigate and access the services they need. Medical advice and assessments to support employees to recover and get back to work safely.

Manage high risk employees

Safeguard and support employees with high-risk medical conditions at work.

Support employee health and wellbeing

Early medical and psychological support to manage their health and wellbeing.

Our COVID-19 Recovery Services

All of Injurynet’s COVID-19 Recovery Services are focused on providing up to date, quality and consistent clinical information and advice based on the current COVID-19 government guidelines and health and safety legislation.

COVID-19 Medical Advisory & Case Management Services

Injurynet’s COVID-19 medical advisory service is provided by our in-house medical advisors and is focused on providing employers with medical support to prepare, manage and protect workplaces during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As each workplace is unique, our medical advisors tailor advice to meet the specific needs of each organisation, employees and worksites. Injurynet’s medical advisory case management service offers advice and support for workplaces to manage complex cases, including those with a high-risk medical condition, COVID-19 exposure or illness. These services are designed to help workplaces to reopen and stay open, eliminate health and safety risks, promote safe workplaces and to comply with health and safety obligations. 

COVID-19 Contact Tracing - Identifying & Informing Close Contacts

Our medical advisors can support organisations to navigate and manage the policies and processes associated with identifying and informing close contacts.  They can review your contact tracing plans, provide advice on how to identify activities with a high and low chance of transmission, and make recommendations on groups of contacts that should be sent home to isolate, be tested or can stay at work.  They can also provide specialist advice on release from isolation and safely return to work. 

COVID-19 High-Risk Medical Assessments

Using telehealth, our network of medical practitioners can assess an employee with a high -risk medical condition to determine their risks and the supports they need in the workplace. These High -Risk Medical Assessments:
  • Help workplaces safeguard and support employees with high- risk medical conditions at work. 
  • Reduce the risk of employees contracting coronavirus and suffering serious consequences

COVID-19 Return to Work Assessments

Using telehealth, our network of medical practitioners can assess an employee’s fitness to return to work safely after a possible COVID-19 exposure or respiratory tract symptoms.  These Return to Work Assessments:

  • Support employees to return to work safely
  • Protect the health and safety of other employees

COVID-19 Nurse Triage Services

Our 24/7 nurse triage phone service supports and helps employees with COVID-19, flu or respiratory symptoms to navigate and access the services that they need. Our nurses are specifically trained and experienced in COVID-19 clinical assessment and are able to provide reassurance and advice about self-management, self-isolation, referral for COVID-19 testing and/or recommend a medical appointment.

COVID-19 Early Intervention Clinical Services

Our early intervention clinical services provide support for those employees struggling to cope and requiring early intervention medical, psychology and mental health services. We offer both face to face or telehealth appointments with our network doctors or network psychologists. These services help employees to manage their health and wellbeing during this time.

For more information about our COVID-19 Planning for Recovery Services