InjuryNET has a team of 15+ in-house Triage Advisors (nurse, doctors, paramedics) who provide immediate support to injured employees when they sustain a workplace injury.

An injured employee typically reports an injury to their manager who then contacts InjuryNET and arranges for the injured employee to speak directly with a Triage Advisor. Using proprietary work-place injury management triage protocols, coupled with the Triage Advisor’s own clinical expertise, the call is triaged based on the nature and extent of the injury. 

How it works

Below is an overview of how the service works. It can be tailored to specifically address your organisation's requirements.


  1. Call InjuryNET
    Manager calls InjuryNET 1300 number to access the Triage Service.
  2. Assessment, advice and appointment coordination (if required)
    Our Triage Advisors provide immediate assessment and advice regarding the need for medical or physiotherapy input. If required, InjuryNET coordinates an initial medical appointment or initial physiotherapy appointment.
  3. Self management advice
    If medical or physiotherapy input is not required, the practitioner provides self-management advice to the injured employee.
  4. Notification
    InjuryNET emails a triage advice summary to manager.
  5. Follow up appointment
    On the next business day, InjuryNET follows up with the referring manager to check on the injured employee’s recovery progress. If recovery is not proceeding as expected, InjuryNET provides further triage support to determine the most appropriate treatment (Doctor, Physiotherapist or continued self-management).


  • Triage Advisors offer professional advice ranging from first aid to referral to a doctor. For minor injuries, advice on self-management in the workplace provides reassurance for both employees and managers.
  • Advice provided by Triage Advisors has potential benefits over the same information being provided face-to-face, specifically:
    • More accessible, ie faster response
    • Lower cost
    • Reduces uncessessary face-to-face consultations and travel from worksite
    • Reduces the potential for certification of incapacity


All Time Zones
Mon to Fri - 8:00am to 9:00pm
Sat / Sun - 8:00am to 6:00pm
Additional time coverage is possible
Excludes national / public holidays

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