Pre-Employment Medical Assessments (PEM) are risk assessment tools that support recruitment decisions by assessing an individual's ability to safely perform the inherent requirements of a specified job.

InjuryNET independently assesses and applies an innovative 'risk rating' to Pre-Employment Medicals. The risk rating indicates the likelihood of a prospective employee incurring or aggravating an injury in a specified job.

Musculoskeletal Functional Assessments are designed to give an indication of a workers’ general strength, function and overall level of conditioning. They may also assist in identifying musculoskeletal conditions previously unknown or disclosed.

Types of assessments

Online PEM

A web-based applicant health assessment questionnaire with medical examinations only conducted when a medical risk is identified. InjuryNET's proprietary online PEMs are a cost-effective solution for large employers with high staff turnover.

Fit/Unfit Examinations

A simple guide regarding a job applicant's fitness to perform the inherent requirements of a job.

Risk-Rated Examinations

A risk-rated assessment of capacity and more comprehensive detail on the risks to be considered and mitigated.

Musculoskeletal Functional Assessments

A thorough musculoskeletal assessment conducted by a physiotherapist to confirm a job applicant's capacity for performing the work required in a particular position.

How it works

InjuryNET's flexible approach allows the Pre-Employment Medical process to seamlessly integrate with your organisation's existing recruitment practices.

  1. Contact InjuryNET to request a PEM
    InjuryNET offers a range of contact methods for referring managers, including dedicated web-portal, phone and email.
  2. InjuryNET sources appointment
    InjuryNET liaises with the applicant and referring manager to coordinate a PEM appointment at a time and location convenient to all parties.
  3. Assessment and reporting
    InjuryNET provides results only after findings have been fully verified. This provides the highest level of quality control and reduces the need for additional review by managers/HR personnel.
  4. Medical escalation
    InjuryNET Medical / Clinical Advisors are available to discuss results and provide advice on complex cases, as required.


  • Multiple types of PEMs to suit recruitment requirements
  • Flexible approach to PEM content and process allows for a service that meets the recruitment needs of the individual organisation


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