We achieve this in a number of ways including identifying and assessing risk, assisting in formulating policies and procedures, and implementing specialised advisory programs to manage health in the workplace.

Our expert team has exceptional depth of knowledge and understanding of employers’ specific regulatory needs as well as the importance of managing workforce health to contain costs, promote safety and enhance productivity.

1300 Advisory Hotline

Provides prompt telephonic advice to managers on topics such as injury management, medical management, case management, and advice on who to contact for additional support.

Strategic Medical Advice

Our in-house medical team provides strategic advice on fitness for duty cases as well as general health promotion strategies.

Injury Management Systems

Provides assistance with design, development, implementation and monitoring of best practice injury management programs, for both work-related and non-work-related injuries and illnesses.

Medical Assessment Systems

Creation and implementation of systems for obtaining relevant medical information to assist with recruitment, injury management, employee health and wellbeing.

Virtual CMO

Designed for clients who require regular and ongoing occupational medical expertise and prefer to outsource this service.

Salary Continuance

We work with employers who offer salary continuance to develop protocols, review procedures and coordinate medical assessments and examinations.

Clinical Case Advice & Clinical Case Liaison

Providing assessors and case managers with the objective and appropriate medical information they require to progress claims and make speedier, appropriate and medically defensible claim determinations.