Making it easy for an injured employee to access prompt medical advice and treatment is the one of the simplest things proactive employers can do to demonstrate their care, concern and interest in managing workplace injuries.

InjuryNET helps you positively harness cooperation from all parties: treating practitioners, employees and managers. By offering access to InitialCARE services, you are providing a resource for employees to access prompt treatment with local practitioners who support your return to work processes.

How InitialCARE works

InitialCARE operates on the ‘psychology of choice’, where all parties are offered the opportunity to work together, if they choose to. It is a free service for employees and, similar to an EAP program, participation is voluntary.

This behavioural approach significantly improves the chance of employees being able to remain at work while recovering from injury or illness, because when individuals willingly elect to work together, they are more committed to the agreed goal.


InitialCARE Early Intervention Injury Treatment Program for Injured Employees

Key features

  • Proactive service that provides access to advice and treatment directly after an injury or illness occurs
  • 95% of treatment appointments are scheduled on the same or next business day
  • 94% of injured workers treated by InjuryNET doctors are certified fit for work in some capacity at the initial consultation
  • Triage service available 24/7/365, if required
  • Prompt appointments with access to 6610+ doctors and physiotherapists across 2000+ locations
  • Practitioners experienced in occupational medicine and trained to understand your workplace risks and suitable duties protocols, with a strong focus on work capacity and achieving safe and sustainable return-to-work outcomes. See InjuryNET's 6 Guiding Stay at Work/Return to Work Principles
  • Easy to implement systems and services
  • Training for key stakeholders to ensure quick notification and appropriate response
  • Comprehensive and secure medical records database
  • Timely and meaningful reporting

Key benefits

  • Reduction in lost time injuries
  • Reduction in claim duration and costs
  • Improved stay-at-work and return-to-work outcomes
  • Improved productivity, resilience and health outcomes for injured or ill employees

InitialCARE program components

InjuryNET provides the following services that can be bundled and customised to make up a tailored InitialCARE program specifically for your organisation.

  • Initial Treatment by a Doctor
    A prompt medical appointment with a local InjuryNET doctor as soon as an employee reports an injury.
  • Initial Treatment by a Physiotherapist
    A prompt physiotherapy appointment with a local InjuryNET physiotherapist as soon as an employee reports an injury.
  • Triage Service
    Advice provided for injured employees immediately following a work-related injury to determine whether a treatment appointment is needed, as well as recommendations for self-management.
  • Telemedicine
    A medical consultation conducted via video conference; particularly useful in areas with limited access to practitioners.