How it works

Below is an overview of how the service works. It can be tailored to specifically address your organisation's requirerments.

  1. Call InjuryNET
    Manager calls 1300 number to request an initial physiotherapy appointment with an InjuryNET Physiotherapist..
  2. Source appointment
    InjuryNET sources an appointment with a local InjuryNET Physiotherapist.
  3. Confirm
    InjuryNET confirms appointment with referring manager.
  4. Forward referral information
    InjuryNET forwards referral information to InjuryNET Physiotherapist, prior to consultation.
  5. Consultation
    The InjuryNET Physiotherapist examines and provides treatment for the injured employee.
  6. Follow up appointment (if required)
    If a follow up appointment is required, the physiotherapist will schedule the next appointment at the end of the consultation. (No need to call InjuryNET to make follow up appointments)

Please Note

Physiotherapists are not able to provide initial certificates of capacity. In the event an injured employee later makes a claim for compensation, a medical certificate of capacity is required.


  • Prompt appointments
    99% of appointments are arranged on the same day or next business day following request.


Monday to Friday
8:30am to 5:30pm
All time zones

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