IMEs are independent assessments undertaken by a medical practitioner to determine an employee’s work capacity, where a manager has concerns about an employee’s fitness for duty, ability to fulfil the duties reasonably required of him or her, or capacity to perform inherent job requirements.

Types of IMEs

Fitness For Duty Casework Assessments

InjuryNET Clinical Advisor communicates with treating practitioners to obtain medical/clinical information relevant to work capacity issues and provides information and/or opinion regarding fitness for work to the referring manager.

Fitness For Duty Examinations

A comprehensive medical examination of an employee when the extent of a medical or psychiatric condition is unknown or possibly untreated, with a detailed report addressing the referring manager’s questions and concerns regarding fitness for work.

Non-Work-Related RTW Health Assessments

A medical examination to assist managers who have concerns when an employee is planning on returning to work after absence due to non-work-related injury or illness. Advice provided to the referring manager includes:

  • Whether it is medically safe for the employee to return to work
  • Whether returning to work poses a risk of aggravating the condition
  • If the employee is fit for his or her normal duties/hours

How it works

  1. Call InjuryNET
    Manager calls InjuryNET 1300 number to request an IME. InjuryNET discusses the case and makes a recommendation on which type of assessment is most suitable.
  2. Source appointment
    InjuryNET coordinates the appointment and advises the referring manager of appointment details.
  3. Assessment and report
    InjuryNET collects and finalises the report and forwards it to the referring manager.
  4. Follow up
    InjuryNET Medical / Clinical Advisor is available to discuss results, as required.


  • 3 different types of IMEs to suit case circumstances.


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